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Just the Facts, Ma'am
an educational and inquisitive blog about all things interesting

Voices from the Other Side: Spirit Mediums
Written by Jonathan Clark
July 7, 2008

Personality Profile - Bob Hickman and Barb Mallon
Written by Peggie Arvidson
October, 2007

The Real Ghost Whisperer
Written By 9 News reporter Amy Szutowicz
Created:11/25/2005 10:40:15 PM
Watch News Video Clip HERE

Talking to the Animals
Centreville psychic medium Barb Mallon connects spiritually to animal world
By James Moon
The Connection Newspapers
April 21, 2005

Dead People Are This Woman’s Life

By Erika Viltz
April 20, 2005

This Mom's a Medium

By Matt Razak
The Connection Newspapers
August 26, 2004


Long-distance mediums
Cyber-psychics do their readings across the miles

Janice Mawhinney
Staff reporter
Jul. 21, 01:00 EDT

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