Barb recommends waiting at least three months after your loved one has passed to contact her office (or any medium) for a reading. This, because you need an opportunity to take some time to grieve.  Mediumship should never take the place of grief counseling.


ALL CORRESPONDENCE IS DONE THROUGH E-MAIL.  If you do not have e-mail, please call us and let us know.


Because Barb has very limited hours, to hold your appointment your credit card information is required at the time you book your session. Your card will NOT be charged at the time of booking.  About a week after booking you will receive a "heads-up" email 24 hours prior to us charging your card and your appointment will be set and confirmed at that time (please see cancellation/reschedule policy here).  If you prefer not to schedule or pay online, simply contact us and we can book it for you and take your card or arrange payment over the phone.  Your appointment will be TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED until your payment has been made. This is to assure we save time for serious inquiries only. 


Once your appointment is confirmed by your payment, we will email you with a confirmation of your payment being received along with guidelines and directions (if in-person) for your reading.  Please be sure to read the guidelines thoroughly so you know exactly what to expect during your session.


Read more about Barb's sessions here.








Not local?

FaceTime and Skype sessions are back for those who aren't local (and who are!)!  They are conducted Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST. Please call or text 703-474-2227 to book (you can't book Skype or FT sessions online).

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