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Have you ever wondered what messages your loved ones would relay from the other side? 


After a life-changing awakening, Barb Mallon felt a strong nudge from spirit to pursue the path of mediumship, and has been deeply involved in this unique work for over twenty five years. She is an evidential medium who brings through identifying pieces of information from a spirit person first, and then any messages they may have.


Barb has been featured on numerous radio shows and has appeared on television on channels such as The Discovery Channel, and others as well. She conducts readings for both local clients and for clients all over the world.


Feel free to browse Barb's site and visit our FAQ page to see exactly what to expect during a reading with Barb.


Need references? Click here to read client testimonials!


News & Updates

UPDATED 5/2/24


  1. Tarot sessions are available again!  Those cards keep pulling me back.  :D  Please click here for more information.

  2. I'm now on Facebook LIVE!  Be sure to subscribe/like to participate and maybe learn a few new things!

  3. I now have my meditation CD available again!  Click HERE to go to my store and purchase the digital version.



"I had my first reading with Barb about seven years ago and was blown away by all of the detailed messages I was given."


Vickie Pendergrast

"Barb is awesome... I can't say enough about this Medium, and wonderful soul, who makes you feel so at ease. Barb has a great ability to connect with not only your loved ones, but also spirit guides who helped me on my spiritual path."


Lovett Taylor

"Barb is the most amazing medium you'll ever meet. Her messages, visuals, etc. were very distinct and people knew who was coming through for them."


Rob Gutro

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