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After a life-changing awakening, Barb Mallon felt a strong nudge from spirit to pursue the path of mediumship, and has been deeply involved in this unique work for over twenty years. She is an evidential medium who brings through identifying pieces of information from a spirit person first, and then any messages they may have.


Barb has been featured on numerous radio shows, and has appeared on television on channels such as The Discovery Channel, as well. She conducts readings for both local clients and for clients all over the world.

Her passion is teaching people about the spirit realm and the afterlife, whether it's by conducting private sittings, demonstrating mediumship for larger audiences, or teaching workshops.









  • The Toronto Star*The American Observer*The Connection Newspapers 

  • Featured in the book, "Ghosts and Spirits: Insights From A Medium" by Rob Gutro

  • The Mount Vernon Patch



  • Breakthrough with A.J. Barrera 

  • Journey into the Paranormal with Joseph Tittel

  • Super Psychic Radio on Achieve Radio

  • Journey of Life Radio w/ Joseph LoBrutto III

  • Souls Journey Radio w/Melissa Frei

  • POINT Paranormal Radio

  • APSR Radio - Into the Light

  • The Glenn Klausner Hour

  • Earth to Ether

  • The AfterLife Show with Shaun Valentine

  • "Channel Beyond" - KLLY 95.3 FM

  • WEBR 



    ...among many more!




Barb is available for newspaper or radio/TV interviews and appearances to do LIVE readings for callers, or to discuss her views on mediumship, psychic abilities and the afterlife. She is very comfortable in doing on-air readings for your listeners, and also comfortable doing lectures and presentations for larger groups. For a press kit or information, please contact Barb's office or call 703.474.2227. Thank you!


"Now, as admitted to you, I am a skeptic- but there's too many things that you told me last night that you could NOT have known about me... there's just no way I can be skeptical about your ability." ~Kym


"I have had a sense of peace since my reading with you that I did not have before. I needed confirmation that there was indeed an afterlife in which I will be with my wife again, and you came up with various confirmations that there is. Especially when right at the end you came up with her name." ~Keith


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