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Meditations to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities and Work with Your Spirit Guides

It's BACK!  After years of not being able to find these files, a wonderful client stepped in and helped convert them and now YOU can purchase your own copy!  Thanks, J!


Discover the power within you with my transformative meditations designed to enhance your psychic abilities and connect you with your spirit guides. Dive deep into self-improvement and unlock your true psychic self. Start your journey today!

You will receive an MP3 download link after your payment comes through.  It's good for 24 hours, so be sure to grab it after purchase!

7.25 - The Five Clairs

12:45 - A Meditation to Balance Your Chakras/Create Sacred Room

27.57 - A Meditation to Balance Your Chakras/Meet and Work with Spirit Guides

46.48 - A Short Meditation to Start or End Your Day/Connect with Spirit Guides


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Barb Mallon Designs


When I'm not doing readings for clients, I'm building jewelry! I'm a creative person and have a passion for chunky, organic jewelry and gorgeous gemstones. I search for the best gemstone cabochons and make pretty places for them to live! Every stone you see in my jewelry has been made by a lapidary artist that I know and trust. Silversmithing is a passion of mine. There is nothing better than turning a piece of silver sheet, scrap or wire into a beautiful piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime!

Having a spiritual background, I am constantly inspired by beautiful things and love creating spiritually inspired jewelry! I especially love creating organic, rustic and imperfect pieces, as there is always perfection in imperfection. If you have any questions or want a custom piece, don’t hesitate to contact me! I’ll be happy to help!

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