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To book and purchase a session with Barb, Please click HERE.

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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great and very unique gift idea for someone you love! 

Gift certificates have a ONE YEAR expiration date, no exceptions.  Please tell your recipient to call the number listed on the certificate.  Also, please book as soon as possible as Barb can book out a month or so.  We are not responsible if your recipient loses, misplaces or forgets about the certificate. All website rules apply.

Amounts are listed as:

$120 (30 min. session)

$170 (30 min. with one extra participant)
$200 (60 min. session)
$250 (60 min. session with one extra participant)

Custom ($50 - $1000)

Visit Barb's Etsy Store!


"If you google me, you'll see that my main work is that of a medium. No, I don't see dead people, but I do feel their energy and hear them. I know you wanted to ask, everyone does. :) That said, I'm also a creative person and had been away from creating jewelry for quite some time. I completely felt the pull to jump back in, except this time, instead of playing with charms, dangles and chains, I've been delving right into silversmithing. There is nothing better than hammering out a design or watching silver fusing together. 

Having a spiritual background, I am constantly inspired by beautiful and natural things and love creating spiritually inspired jewelry! I especially love creating organic, rustic and imperfect pieces, as there is perfection in imperfection."


Visit Barb's Etsy Store, full of hand-crafted sterling silver and gemstone jewelry HERE!

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