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Have you had a session with Barb?  We want to hear all about it!

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Wow! This was a wonderful journey. Barb was able to speak with my loved ones and all I can say is that I just felt HAPPY. This was something I’ve wanted to do for 15 years and I’m so happy I booked and received such an amazing reading. Thank you!!


-Malissa C.





Barb is just WONDERFUL - as both a human and a medium. She is compassionate, clear, extremely connected and communicates thoughtfully. She provided extensive evidential information from multiple loved ones, and also provided helpful guidance for next steps in my own spiritual journey. Will definitely work with her again. She is such a gift! Thank you, Barb!

-Whitney H.




"There Are No Coincidences


A little over 10 years ago, you gave me information from a former Police Officer colleague and friend who had passed. You presented a message relating my meeting from three years prior with his widow. We were all friends since the early 70’s but I was not living in MA at the time of his death and missed offering my condolences at that time. A chance meeting with his wife was at a breakfast restaurant in my home town during a family visit. Three years or so later you presented the following to me:


• Pete came forward wearing a uniform, then street clothes, then back to the uniform repeatedly.


• You described him as a big guy full of humor and laughing loudly • While laughing he kept showing you a very large fish…over and over again.


• We confirmed that Pete was my friend, we worked together in a grocery store before he left (with the influence of a police officer friend) to become a police officer.


• A couple of years later we were working together again as police officers (1974)


• He always loved to call out the nick-name that he choose for me ”FLIPPER” was a common greeting in a very loud bellowing voice


• He told us he wanted to thank me for going to the restaurant, he kept trying to influence me to go there so that I could run into his wife.


• It was their Wedding Anniversary and she was feeling down and having breakfast with a friend.


• He knew that if she saw me she would enjoy the reunion after some 15 years or more and give her something to smile about and hopefully temporarily offset some of the sorrow.


Fast forward to today, June 15, 2023. Attending the funeral of the same police officer who talked Peter into joining the force, I get to see the widow for the first time since that chance reunion of 13 years prior. I could not wait to pass along the message from Pete, even though it was 13 years late. Emotions flowed as you can imagine. I believe that there are no coincidences.


• We are at the funeral of the original police officer friend


• I get to see Pete’s widow for the first time in over 13 years


• I pass along the story of my friend Barb Mallon bringing information forward from Pete.


The final line………..Today, June 15, 2023 is her wedding anniversary……….the delayed message to her from Pete is presented EXACTLY on the same day of the chance reunion of 13 years ago, the day of the funeral (with appropriate Police Honors) of the influencing police officer. Thank you again Barb. A family is sharing this real story with anyone who will listen."

-Phil C.





"Barb is an incredible mentor and I am so happy I worked with her! She gave me insights + tips that no other mentor has ever given me. Before working with Barb, I felt like I was stuck on an endless loop. She gave me practical tips that I put into place and got results immediately! Barb's energy + demeanor is very gentle, loving, and kind. She puts you at ease and makes you feel safe + accepted. Barb also went above and beyond with going past the time allotted & gave me informative slides to her course as a bonus! Working with Barb has been life-changing and I highly recommend her as a mentor (or medium) to anybody who's ready!"

-Natalie J.




"As probably most people I went into this session being very skeptical, Barb did an amazing job creating a very comfortable space with her lovely personality. This session was truly the most amazing experience of my life, she was able to connect with my Dad that I have lost 2 years ago. She shared information so unique that nobody knew about and was able to provide it with such detail that gave me goosebumps. I feel happy and relieved that I had this opportunity and now know that my dad is still around and in peace! Thank you Barb, your gift is such a blessing and I will forever be grateful."

-Katharina Anderson




"Barb did a wonderful job connecting with my loved ones. She is fun to chat with and she is very patient as many can come through at the same time. She makes it a truly fun and rewarding experience. I felt a lot of closure having had sudden losses of my parents. I feel very fortunate to have found her and her gift of connecting with my loved ones. Will be booking again. Thank you Barb."

-Stephanie M.




"My best friend gave me a gift certificate for a mediumship session with Barb as a Christmas present; she had already told me about her experiences and I was extremely interested in doing a session so this was an amazing gift! The timing of it was also kind of crazy, as I lost a significant other shortly after receiving this gift. I waited a bit longer than the advised time to do the session and I had never had a mediumship session prior. I was very nervous starting the session and Barb immediately picked up on this and reassured me that there was no need to be. I was in awe that she was able to connect to my significant other, I wasn’t sure that he would be able to do so from his side, but he was. She was also able to connect with my grandmother. She relayed messages that I absolutely needed to hear and knew so many specific details. By the end of the session I was so uplifted, so incredibly full of love and happiness as well as a great sense of relief. I am forever grateful for my session with Barb and am definitely going to book more in the (hopefully very near) future."

-Carlee Cobb




"Barb was unbelievable. She was not only able to connect with my son who died last year but also my mom who passed almost 50 years ago. She is very professional, personable and spot on. She really has a gift and I was truly blessed that she was able to share it with me."

-Roger S.



"I have had two medium readings with Barb to date. The first session gave me so much closure from my mother’s death. Things that were said were so personal and healing. The second session was just what I needed at a difficult time in my life. The things she said sounded just like what my mom would have said. I am forever grateful for the gifts she has given me and I cannot wait to have another session. Thank you so much, Barb."

-Erin T.




"I want to thank Barb for the compassion and wonderful session I had with her…my mom had passed and I was uncertain if she was okay and feeling very lost and alone. The things she told me reassured me and surprised me that she knew certain things. She is a very warm loving soul I could tell from her reading."

-Marlene H.



"I have had two readings, one class, and a Halloween group session with Barb and all four have sessions have been amazing. The first session with Barb gave me so much clarity and helped me through a rough time in my life. Long story short... I was able to move on from a many year of hurt to a much happier life. Barb has a special gift to share. Her readings have been on-point and eye wakening. Some things may have not been validated during the session but afterwards, I was able to find out things I didn't know that validated what she said to me. I have recommended Barb to many others who came back to me amazed at their session. I have had sever readings with others prior to Barb and none have been even half as on-point as she has. Barb has good energy and I truly enjoy her sessions! Thanks Barb!!!"

-Tammy Young



"Barb was great! I’d never done anything like this before and she totally made it make sense. She explained how she works and what her method of “seeing” is clearly to me. She made sure I didn’t tell her anything so it was not planned etc. It was all a wonderful surprise! What she did for me has helped me move forward in my life knowing I’m not alone. Barb did my session in such a loving, kind and considerate manner. She makes you feel so comfortable! I’d recommend her to anyone! Thanks again Barb!"

-Kelli M.



"Having been to Barb for multiple readings, I highly recommend her services. She is able to connect to passed loved ones, bringing messages and comfort from those you loved in the physical world. Barb is very professional and caring."

-Sarah K.



"Barb's personality makes you feel like you're with an old friend! I grew up in multiple countries and long before the internet so it is impossible to know about my life...that is unless you are Barb Mallon! You will feel so peaceful after your session just to know your loved ones are ok, just in a different dimension of life. The audio recording is priceless, it always brings a smile to my face no matter how many times I listen to it!!! Thanks Barb you're the BEST!"

Sandra C.



"Barb is wonderfully talented! I had an exceptional reading with my late husband, only 3 months after the died. Barb read him wonderfully, and I was able to achieve peace over his sudden departure. I had been having a difficult time taking a lot of the guilt over his sudden passing, but Barb was able to let me know, through him, that this was as it should be, and there wasn't anything I could have done to change the outcome. Barb is a very gifted person, very compassionate, and is truly able to impart significant messages from the departed. Thank you very much, Barb!"

-Jan L.



"I first contacted Barb in 2009 after the death of my mom. Her mediumship reading was so amazingly accurate. She was able to help me connect with multiple family members who told me things I didn’t know but later was able to verify with family members still living. I went to her again a few years later and had a similar experience. I’m now eagerly awaiting my upcoming appointment with her for a guidance session. I can’t begin to express what a wonderful experience it is to have a reading with her."

-Melissa K.



"Barb Mallon gave me an engaging reading in her office. She was recommended to me by a long standing client and I have also passed her name on to my friends who also had great visits."


"Barb is a wonderful person and a fantastic Medium. We had a session where my sister came through with her humorous personality and many interesting and helpful messages. It was like she was sitting right next to me. My wife’s father came through which was a treat as I never met him. And of course, having one of my favorite pets stop in for a visit made my session absolutely the best! In another session Barb helped me develop my animal communication skills. Something I use to this day. I will always refer any of my friends to Barb. She’s one of the best!"

-Stuart B.



"I've been seeing Barb for many years. I've gone to innumerable gallery readings, and psychic learning sessions, and I've consulted with her multiple times for guidance readings and to connect with my loved ones that have passed on. In each session I've come away with an amazing feeling of comfort knowing that my loved ones are always around me, no matter how long they've been gone from this earthly realm. Barb has given me information that I wasn't sure about, but, after speaking with family members, found out that Barb was absolutely spot on, it was just information that I didn't know! She is an amazingly gifted woman, and is also a wonderfully kind human being. I trust her readings, and will continue to call her when I need enlightenment or encouragement. Believe me, she's the real deal! Love ya, Babs!!"

-Mardie A.



"I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with Barb. She's an amazing Medium. My sister came into the room to help me with the computer, spirits spoke about her as well. If you have an open mind, they will come."

-Kimberly Gessner



"I have seen Barb twice and both times come away absolutely amazed. The things that she is able to tell me only I’m no no one else she truly has the ability to see into one’s soul. I plan to continue to see her as I always leave with a very wonderful and special feeling"




"I have had several medium readings with Barb and a guidance session. My most memorable reading was when my recently departed father came through. It was so wonderful and uplifting. Barb truly connected with my Dad’s essence. I knew beyond a doubt it was him! Thanks Barb!!!"

-Tina C.



"My 1-hour reading by Barb Mallon can only be described as amazing. I took notes plus recorded our session. Once home, I was able to transcribe 40 instances of validation that I was in touch with my mother and sister who had died only 7 weeks apart. I would recommend Barb to anyone who is looking for answers to questions they have for their loved ones."

-Paula M.



"I just had my first session with Barb in July, and WOW! She had a much clearer reading than some of the other's I have had done. She was extremely pleasant and made the experience very calming. I've recommended her to several people now, and they all agree! She will be my go to person for future readings and I am already looking forward to them."

-Shaelyn Mullaney



"I met with Barb in 2008 after my mother died, and then again in 2018 after my brother's death. Both times, I was struck by the specificity of the details Barb conveyed. I left convinced without a doubt that my mother and brother were still alive and well on the other side. Barb also performed a life-changing tarot card reading for me in 2015. I highly recommend Barb Mallon to anyone who is seeking a professional, ethical, highly skilled psychic medium."

-Susan N.



"I've had a few great sessions with Barb over the last 10 years. The first time I saw her as a medium. She definitely connected with a dear friend of mine who had passed. The last one was a Tarot reading. Barb said I would be working with newborns and I did end up working with laboring moms as a doula. She also saw one of my adult children welcoming a new baby which did happen."




"She is amazing. There is know way she could know the information if my loved one was not coming thru. Can't wait for the next time."

-Ann H.



"Barb is amazing at what she does! Definitely hit the nail on the head. Heard from people I didn’t expect and got some closure from others."

-Cindi H.



"I met with Barb and it was a great experience. I didn’t feel rushed and she knew things about me that there was no way of her knowing. She was very accurate. I had never gotten a reading before and it was something I look forward to repeating soon. I even referred a friend to her who had only great things to say. Highly recommend."

-Lindsay C.



"I contacted Barb from looking st online reviews almost 20 years ago. She was absolutely spot on with very personal details about my loved one that I hoped to get into contact with. My heart skipped a beat when I knew this was the real deal. I feel forever blessed for that one phone call and in the past few years gave readings to my parents as gifts. Both were blown away by the information that came through for them as well. Including my skeptic father! I hope to get in touch with Barb again one of these days. A session with her is priceless."




"Barb Mallon has always been my favorite go-to psychic medium. I love how she packs so much information into her sessions. She has brought through so many of my relatives with messages that truly comfort my soul. It's always a pleasure to have Barb read for me, and my friends are still shook by her accuracy! I'll be booking again very soon! From one Barb to another: Thanks so much!"

-Barbra Sanders



"I really enjoyed my reading. I lost my John to covid a year ago and wanted to hear from him. She was spot on. I have had readings in the past but none like this one. Thanks Barb you are awesome!"




"I did a session with Barb back in 2014 and it was beyond what I expected. I can't explain the feeling I had when it was over, my mother and father came through, then at the end a family friend, whome I didn't not even mention came by to say hello. When all was done I was an emotional mess, and Barb have me a hug and I went on my way. Would I do it again, yes in a heartbeat. Thank you Barb."

-Kim Green



"I've been to see Barb twice and I will definitely go again. She made it so easy to talk to my Granddaddy. She knew things that no one else could know, very specific details about his life and our family. Seeing her was truly amazing. I can't say enough good things about Barb."

-Maggie W.



"I cannot say enough good things about Barb Mallon. She made me comfortable from the minute I walked into her reading room. She told me things no one else would know, and when my husband died unexpectedly, she was able to connect with him. She is the real deal and the only psychic I would ever go to. Simply the best!"

-Jane D.



"I met with Barb back in 2006. My husband had recently died. She was able to tell me what he was wearing at the time of his death. Not even our daughters knew that. She gave such precise details coming from my nephew that when I told his parents they drove from Richmond to see her. Their adult daughter was able to get closure because she and her brother were not on speaking terms at the time of his death. Barb is not the first psychic I’d been to. She is the best and most precise one. My daughter and I both have appoints with her this month. Our 55th wedding anniversary is this month. Seeing Barb is an anniversary gift I’m giving to myself."

-Linda T.



"I felt so comfortable with Barb right from the start. She was accurate with all of the details that came up from the past and from just a few weeks ago. Bard validated my mother and fathers’ presence by telling me things only family members would know. I have brought several people to Barb that were skeptical and they have walked away stunned at the accuracy of the reading. The comfort I felt after my reading brought me peace of mind. Barb is compassionate and patient with both the client and the Spirit that is coming through. She is truly a gift from God. I am looking forward to going back again in the near future."

-Sue McCroddan



"Barb is absolutely the real deal. My husband booked a session for us with Barb after my father passed away. It was life changing. So much so that I booked additional sessions for my husband, mother, and sister. If you are skeptical, and you should be, I will tell you that my father's last name was different from mine, there was no obituary or funeral service, and, even if you knew his name and Googled him, you would find nothing on him and no connection to me, not that Barb even knew my name or who we wanted to connect with. We had been on a waiting list to see Barb for months, then when she had to reschedule our first session due to illness, I thought it was an interesting coincidence that she rescheduled it to fall on my father's birthday. That was just the beginning of a truly amazing experience. I had always believed that when you die, that's it, there is nothing more. I 100% no longer believe that. I highly recommend recording the session so you can listen afterwards. We missed a couple of things that made sense later."

-Janis G.



"Barb was a wonderful medium who had such specific details and descriptions of my departed family members that I was blown away. I came away from the session feeling so good! And because I listened again to the reading I was able to connect with some things that I didn’t understand at first. She is the best!"

-JoAnn Portz



"My family and I did a reading by Barbara in February and it was such a great experience. It brought my family so much comfort hearing words from our loved ones on the other side. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else!"

-Mariah Nicholas



"Barb is fantastic. I did 2 readings with her and she was extremely accurate. She reported things that were very private to my family and proved to me that my loved one was seeing things that happened in my life and was sending me messages of his presence. I was a skeptic, but I am no longer one now. Barb is the real deal."




"The first time I went to see Barb my friend and I were going just to see how "fake" it was....well, it's not! Barb is the real deal and was bringing out things she couldn't possibly have known or found on social media (back then there was no social media). I was amazed and excited for more and I have booked several appointments with her since. And will book more too! She's amazing!"

-Theresa Reed



"Not only is Barb an amazing psychic medium, but she is a gentle and sweet human being! I was a bit nervous for my first reading, but once we started speaking, she exudes such a calm peaceful energy, I was immediately relaxed and felt so welcome. Hearing from my loved ones that have passed was such an incredible experience, I will never forget the validating and reassuring messages."

-Jackie M.



"I had been wanting to connect with someone for sometime before I saw Barb. She did an awesome job communicating, validating and giving me some closure with some things that I needed! As well as a surprise visit from my daughters great grandmother I didn’t figure out who until weeks later! How cool! Definitely plan on seeing her again!"

-Blaire H.



"Barb is an amazing person and medium. She knew things that no one else would know. Great reading! Definitely will come back."

-Natalie G.



"Barb gave me the peace of knowing my loved ones are ok and with me. She was able to give me details and very personal moments that were spot on and absolutely legit. She is a kind and wonderful person to share her true gift with us. I have recommended her over the years to many people that were absolutely stunned by the reading they had and the healing it gave them to know that their loved ones were absolutely with them."

-Jeannine Pepper



"I love Barb, she has done sessions for both myself and a couple of my family members. We have been so blessed each time to feel truly connected again with our loved ones that have transitioned on. While some might feel hesitant regarding accuracy, I am here to tell you that each and every time there have been details brought up that were so exact to our loved ones that there was no way anyone else could know. I highly recommend her, even if its your first time and you dont know what to expect- I promise you wont regret it."

-Alexandra W.



"I had never had a reading before and then a friend of mine suggested Barb. She was so easy to talk to and her reading was spot on! I was amazed at how accurate her reading was. It was like my son was in the room with me. She mentioned things to me that only I would know. She is the real deal! Barb Mallon has an incredible gift and I was so impressed I gave my husband a gift of a reading too. She helped me connect with my son in a very special and unique way. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is longing to connect with a lost loved one."

-Susan S.



"I have done two medium readings with Barb and I have to say that she was incredible both times. The first was before the pandemic and was in person, the second was during and virtual. Virtual did not feel any different than in person and it didn’t change anything about the reading. She was so personable and was able to connect with loved ones past with very specific details. I was able to ask questions to a loved one who suddenly and tragically passed without warning and Barb’s communications provided me with comfort in times of sorrow and deep grief. And again, very specific details that she could never have known. I highly recommend Barb. It is a wonderful and calm experience and she is so tender with your heart and soul through the journey."




"Barb has great abilities. The first time I ever spoke with her she asked me who was getting married as she heard wedding bells. I had forgotten that that day was my deceased parents’ wedding anniversary. She has yet to disappoint in any of my readings. I highly recommend her for anyone in need of guidance."

-Delores K.



"I had my first reading with Barb in 2004. I have had several readings since and Barb continues to provide the best service when it comes to mediumship and clear, detailed readings. She is the only medium I feel comfortable working with."

Jacqueline S.



"We went as a group to see Barb out of curiosity and left simply in awe of how precise she was and how she was able to bring up very intimate issues in our lives that no one could possibly know. My friend's husband, who was very skeptical, left believing she had quite a talent and true insight to the world beyond. That was years ago before she had taken some time to herself and we are so pleased she is back. We've already signed up for another session with her."



"I’ve had multiple sessions with Barb and I just love her! She’s given me some really powerful messages and advice and has helped me feel connected to loved ones. My first reading with her was life-changing - she delivered messages and guidance that had a major impact on me about things she couldn’t possibly have guessed or known about. She’s incredibly sweet and caring and brings a playful and kind energy to her work."

-Emma R.


"Barb is amazing! Not only is she a genuine and wonderful person, but she is absolutely the most accurate psychic medium that I have ever experienced."

-Linda Stine


"I discovered Barb maybe 15 years ago, attended multiple gallery readings and one session for three of us, my daughter, friend, and myself. In every single session Barb was so gracious, warm, and absolutely genuine. She had information for me every time that no one knew except myself and passed loved ones. After every session I was amazed and delighted. Barb is 100% a true Psychic, with a deep understanding of her gift and the ability to share and welcome you. I can't say enough about this lovely woman. She changes lives."

-Abby B.



"Barb Mallon is amazing and is the real deal. I had an awesome reading from her years ago and she was spot on. My mother passed away in 2017 and I was finally ready to have a new reading this year to attempt to get in contact with her. I had asked my mom a few questions, before the reading, so she could validate it was her coming through. I was blown away. Barb spoke about things that I never spoken to anyone about. She spoke about things that I had asked my mom about prior to the reading. I knew Barb was good, but this reading had me choked up a bit. I have spoken to many fake psychics who are just in it for the money. Rest assured, Barb has a gift and she is the real deal. You will not be disappointed. I have told my friends about her. Thank you Barb for helping me feel better knowing my mom is o.k."

-Lauri L.



"Barb gave my brother, my Mom and I (together) a medium reading 2 years ago and we still talk about it. Barb allowed us to record the session which is such a beautiful bonus. I know my loved ones are always near but to see Barb in action communicate and validate each (very different individual) names we gave her as the energies came through was “goose bump” amazing. We felt like we had literally, sat down for a chat with our loved ones and left with warmth, laughter and light hearts that still carries us. Money well spent. In fact, time to book again! I cannot recommend Barb enough. 5 STARS"

-Anne MC

"I have had approximately 5 reads with Barb and have always walked away feeling more at peace and connected to my loved ones who have passed. I look forward to meeting with Barb again!"

-P. Cleary

"Barb was AMAZING … I am not one to be at a loss for words and I was shocked. she knew things no one else alive knew. It gave me such peace with who was able to come through. I highly recommend her."



"I had my first reading with Barb about seven years ago and was blown away by all of the detailed messages I was given."


-Vickie Pendergrast

"Barb is the most amazing medium you'll ever meet. Her messages, visuals, etc. were very distinct and people knew who was coming through for them."


-Rob Gutro

"Barb is awesome... I can't say enough about this Medium, and wonderful soul, who makes you feel so at ease. Barb has a great ability to connect with not only your loved ones, but also spirit guides who helped me on my spiritual path."


-Lovett Taylor

Want to see more feedback from past clients Barb has read for?Please feel free to also click and browse the following site!

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