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How long should I wait after my loved one has passed to get a reading? Back to top...

Barb recommends waiting at least three months after your loved one has passed to contact her office (or any medium) for a reading. This is because it's imperative that you take some time to grieve (mediumship should never take the place of grief counseling). Your loved one in spirit has adjusted and is fine, but it's important that you have accepted their passing to a point. Once acceptance has taken place and you feel strong enough emotionally, it is a better time to make the communication with a passed loved one.


What can I expect in a medium session with Barb? Back to top...

In a medium session, Barb will link to the spirit(s) of those who have passed into the spirit realm and are connected to or through you. These "spirit people" will be family or friends or even a friend's spirit person. Barb mainly receives information from spirit by feeling them, hearing the info, and seeing symbols, pictures, etc. Spirit will give identifying information so you will know who she's linking with. At this point (after they have been recognized), Barb will then ask what their message is for you (or for someone else). Barb's guides will also sometimes chime in to bring guidance and clarity to you if they feel it's needed. This is NOT fortune telling; they will not interfere with our free will and learning process here on the earth plane. Normally, the reading validates what you already know.


What can I expect in a guidance/tarot session with Barb? Back to top...

THIS IS NOT FORTUNE TELLING. The purpose of Barb's reading is to give encouragement, inspiration and support from guides through her intuitive ability and through the Tarot cards. Tarot is simply another way for guides and our higher self to work through us. They can be used to encourage, give hope, and identify options for future behavior. Barb will connect with your energy and those of guides regarding specific questions or life path suggestions. Nothing negative or scary will be given to Barb about you. Barb connects with your energy for the highest of all good for information to help you to live a more positive and productive life. She will help you to define your desired outcome, explore the current energies that surround you and understand the likely outcomes if you were to follow certain paths. Sessions will show energy helpers and energy blockages you may have at the time of the session and what may be the outcome if you don’t change the energy, but it's up to YOU to change that energy if needed. She will provide guidance and insight in your reading, but you have the free will to choose whether you will follow this guidance or not. You are therefore responsible for your actions following your reading.


Do the spirits tell you scary things about my life, or do you get negative or evil spirits? Back to top...

No. The spirit people who come in for you have crossed over into the light, are people you've known (or haven't known), and who want only to let you know they are around, ok and aware of things in your life. They do not give Barb "scary" or negative messages for you. They may very well caution you about things or let you know they think it may be a good idea to focus on this or that, but they do not pass on life-altering information or bring scary messages in. And, no, they don't tell her when you are going to pass away, current lotto numbers or who you are going to marry either. They link with Barb to give you the evidence and "essence" of themselves.


As far as having negative or evil spirits come through, the thing to remember is the law of vibration - LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. Barb connects with her Divine energy first, and then her spirit guides, and asks with every single reading that it's done for the highest good of all - for her client, for their spirit people, and for herself. This work does not scare her, and she has nothing to be afraid of... nor should you. If you are a good and loving person, you will attract the same to you whether that be in the physical world or spiritual. Also as far as the energies who come in, her guides filter out anyone with any negative intent, so everyone is surrounded in love and is safe during readings.


I've had an in-person reading done before. How is it possible to do my reading by Zoom, and is it the same as an in-person reading? Back to top...

Many clients often ask this. Spirit is pure energy; it moves everywhere and very fast. If they can or want to talk to you, they will and are right there with you during the session whether it be in-person  or we are connecting through Zoom.  Many people find video sessions just as personal as in-person sessions and yes, they work in the exact same way.


I'm looking for a specific person to connect with. Can you guarantee they will come through? Back to top...

This is a big question! There are no guarantees Barb can connect with that one particular person you may be looking for, or even you for that matter, but she certainly will ask for them by their first name only (please do not write Barb with anyinformation about the loved one you are seeking to connect with other than this. The less she knows about them, the better the reading is for you. Let them tell you the identifying info, so you know it's truly them). Normally, the loved one you wish to hear from will come through; however, the best thing to do during your reading is to be as open as you can toanyone who comes through. Barb cannot dictate what will happen during a session. Sometimes those you don't expect, rather than those you've hoped for, come instead. Anyone passed may come through whether you knew them or even liked them, and sometimes may even bring through the spirit energy you were looking for! Barb believes that a spirit person or animal has their own reason for coming in - whether that is to bring someone else in for you or give you messages as well. Spirit is in control and there are very specific reasons others may need to give messages rather than the one person you want to hear from.


Among the reasons your specific loved one may not show are:

  • they may not have the energy or may not know how to lower their vibration level to the earth plane level yet,

  • they may not be ready to make an appearance back on the earth plane yet,

  • they may feel they need to "yield" to someone else who needs to get their message out,

  • you may not be ready for their message even if you think you are,


There are many variables (mostly energy related) when connecting to spirit, and things happen when they are supposed to. The best thing to do during a medium reading is to be open to anyone coming through, and take the overall message, which is that they have transcended from physical to spirit and are around you, and also doing their thing there.


Do you guarantee to make a connection? And what if you don't connect with anyone? Do I get my money back? Back to top...

No one can guarantee they can make a connection with you or your spirit people. Normally, Barb connects well with spirit as they see it as an opportunity to contact you (or even someone else connected to, or through YOU). But very rarely, she will just not be able to connect with your energy. It takes an immense amount of energy for a spirit to make a connection - they have to lower their vibrational level, and Barb has to raise hers to theirs. They meet in the middle and all energies must be just right with no interruptions.


In the rare instance you do not recognize anything coming through in the first 15 minutes of your reading, your fee will be refunded, or another appointment will be set up to try again. This policy is for individual readings only, and pre-session guidelines sent prior to the reading must be complied with (i.e., if you have children, please make sure someone else is taking care of them and you are uninterrupted, etc.). This policy is in place as there are different reasons a connection may not be made, and Barb wants you to feel relaxed in choosing her to do your reading.


How do I know my loved ones are around me? And can I connect with them myself? Back to top...

Our spirit people and animals are around us often and communicate to us in various ways. Many clients claim they can smell something that reminds them of their loved ones or they see quick manifestations, hear their voice, etc.. These are excellent ways for spirit to say hello and let you know they're around. They also can easily manipulate electrical things since they are electromagnetic energy. Your lights may flicker or dim, your stereo may go on by itself, your TV may go up in volume, etc. It's just their way normally to say hello. They also show themselves as spirit lights or orbs of light that may be caught on film or video, or that you may see zip by around you. Many of my clients see a light or image in their peripheral vision only to find there's nothing there by the time they turn. No, they aren't crazy! Again, it can be your spirit people or animals flitting by saying hello. They are also normally connecting with you when you suddenly think of them out of the blue. If you're doing something that is not in any way connected to your loved one and they suddenly pop in your mind it can certainly be your loved one saying hello as well. Other clients actually see their loved ones appear, which is full or partial manifestation, and they connect with them through dreams as well. There are numerous ways spirit will connect with us here, and when we notice they are doing just that, it's important to acknowledge it by saying "Hi, I know it's you!" and not brush it off to our imagination.


Meditation is also a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones and spirit guides and key in learning mediumship. Go to that place of peace in your mind. You don't have to meditate for an hour a day - it's not about time, it's more aboutconsistency. Try to quiet your mind for even 15 minutes a day, or 15 minutes every other day to start. Maybe work up to 30 minutes if you feel you can. Mostly, try to be consistent in the time of day or day so spirit can expect you! You will start to be able to differentiate between what you think your mind or imagination is coming up with, and spirit messages.


If you are interested in learning the art of mediumship and are in the Northern Virginia area, please contact her here.


I think I have a "ghost" in my home. How do I get rid of it??? Back to top...

Well, first of all, make sure it IS a "ghost". You should always rule out the physical before deeming something spirit activity. If you do feel you have an active home, know the difference between "ghosts" and typical spirit people connections (ADC's or After Death Communications). Ghosts are earthbound entities and hang around this plane for various reasons. Sometimes, however, our loved ones like to say hello as well by trying to get our attention, but if we aren't used to lights dimming or brightening or doing odd things, or TV's going on or off by themselves, or something falling off a table, it may scare us! We may think it's a ghost and not attribute the "activity" to our spirit people or animals. If things are happening in your home that SCARE you, simply tell them to stop very matter of factly (they can feed off fear), and it should stop. Especially if it's a loved one in spirit. Our spirit people or animals don't wish to scare us. But, if it does not stop and gets worse, that's when you break out the dried sage (found in bundles in your neighborhood metaphysical store) and spiritually cleanse your home.


Can I purchase a reading as a gift for someone? How does it work? Back to top...

Yes! You may purchase a gift certificate at any time as long as they are open to having such a session. Please click Gifts/Store if you'd like to purchase.  If you have questions about this, please contact us before booking.

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