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Smudging is a spiritual ritual/ceremony to purify the energy of your home or any space. Think of it as spiritual "dusting" as negative or stagnant energy will collect and grow over time just as dust does.


Among many other things, negative or stagnant energy can be:

  • leftover energy of stress, illness or fights in the home or a particular room

  • leftover energy of a previous owner or tenant (try to always smudge before moving into a new home)

  • leftover energy of stress or worry that a guest in your home may have dumped when visiting (gee, thanks!)

  • even possible earth-bounds (souls who haven't crossed over)


*Smudging will NOT remove your loved ones in spirit, so don't worry!


It's best to smudge about once a quarter, but if there is more stress or other worries try for once every week or two. Smudging purifies the energy and leaves a lighter feeling. You always want to strive to have a high and positive vibrational energy in your home.


How to Smudge...


Crack a window in each room of your home and take a dried bundle of white sage and "smudge" your home clearing out any negative or stagnant energies. Smudging is simply lighting the sage bundle, making sure you have a safe receptacle to catch the ashes in, and walking around your entire home allowing the smoke to circulate and cleanse the space. Again, be firm and unemotional, walk around each room, hallway, bathroom, closet, etc., of your home and say out loud and firmly something to the effect of, "this sacred sage is cleansing out all negative and stagnant energies... all negative and stagnant energies must leave NOW through the windows and NOT return." Do this until you FEEL the energy is clear and the room's energy lighten and then, say, "in the name of Source (or whomever you believe), this room is now cleansed." KNOW and feel this. 


Try to remember not to worry about how you look or sound or if you stumble on your words. The main thing here is your intent. Your intentions are to rid your home of negative and stagnant energies.


Be firm, unemotional and deal with these energies strongly yet with love. YOU are always in control! After you've completed this step, you may want to go back around all of the rooms with a pleasant incense such as lavender or Nag Champa and INVITE all loving and protecting "light" energies into your home - especially your own spirit people! Some people end the ritual by lighting a white candle setting it on a table or steady place to "seal" the home. Be sure, as always, not to leave a candle unattended.


Things You Can Use


·     White Sage Bundle

·     Palo Santo

·     Sweetgrass

·     Rosemary

·     Lavender


Where to Buy


·     Your Local Metaphysical store

·     Amazon

·     Whole Foods



Expires 6/30/2020

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