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An aura is an unseen spiritual energy that surrounds every living being.  When we work psychically, we can tune into the aura (a reflection of the chakras) for more information.  There are seven major chakras and seven layers of the auric field, although we normally only see one or two at a time, and, sometimes we don't even see them.  We feel them.  I find myself correlating most people in my life as colors and then will feel even more colors with them when their mood changes.   

The size of ones aura fluctuates with their personality, mood, emotional well-being, etc.  Think of that person who's always the life of the party.  They probably have a rather large aura compared to a very shy person with a smaller aura.  Your aura can also change shape and colors again depending on mood, etc. so keep that in mind.  You may be reading a person who had a fight earlier and see dark or hazy green correlating to the heart chakra - emotionally spent.


YOU can learn to sense or see auras!  Just practice a little, and you can read your own.  Here's some quick steps, but you can always delve into this as much as your heart desires! 

Remember, while focusing on the aura:

  • You may see different colors, symbols or shapes.

  • These should correspond to what they mean to YOU (you can refer to the general color meanings list below)

  • Notice the intensity of the colors

    • Bright and clear colors = potential balance, security and health

    • Cloudy or darker = potential imbalance, emotional issues, illness



  1. Choose a partner and have her/him sit with their back to you

  2. Stand behind them, close your eyes and take a cleansing breath – clear thoughts

  3. Place your hands palms out and starting about 2ft from their body, begin to slowly move your hands towards them.

  4. Soon, you will feel a difference in the temperature or thickness with your hands.  You may also feel a sponge-like or buzzy feeling.  This is their aura.

NOTE: If you are a healer, your sitter may feel warmth from your hands!

Now, place your hands near the floor… feel the difference?


  1. Dim the lights a bit (or not) keeping enough light to see the aura.

  2. Ask your person to stand 2 feet in front of a plain white or light wall.

  3. Have your person close their eyes and relax.  Softly focus on the person’s brow area for 30 – 60 seconds. 

  4. Remain focused and gradually you will begin to see the yellow/gold first auric layer.  You may also start to see colors popping in around your person.

  5. If it startles you out of the exercise, take a deep breath and re-focus.

  6. You can practice this yourself by standing in front of a mirror with a plain wall or door about 2 ft behind you!.


Expires 6/30/2020

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