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Holiday Special!



Great for holiday gifts!


25% OFF 

30 Minute Life Guidance/

Tarot Sessions!

Normally $100.00

Now $75.00!


*Looking for a little clarification on a life situation?  

*Wondering what energies you need to know about for the next year?

*Need to know what energy is helping or hindering your current relationship?



What are Life Guidance/Tarot sessions?

They are NOT mediumship sessions where Barb connects to your people in spirit.
The purpose of a life guidance/tarot reading is to give encouragement, inspiration and support from guides through Barb's intuitive ability and through the Tarot cards.


The Tarot is simply another way for guides and our higher self to work through us. They can be used to encourage, give hope, and identify options for future behavior!  The session usually covers the next 6 - 12 months, no longer.


Barb will connect with your energy and those of your guides regarding specific questions or life path suggestions. Nothing negative or scary will be given to Barb about you! She will connect with your energy for the highest of all good for information to help you to live a more positive and productive life. She will help you to define your desired outcome, explore the current energies that surround you and understand the likely outcomes if you were to follow certain paths. Sessions will show energy helpers and energy blockages you may have at the time of the session and what may be the outcome if you don’t change the energy... but it's up to YOU to change that energy if needed!  You can always change your energy!


The information is not to answer questions; it is meant to support, encourage and help you to move forward in your life in the most positive and productive way.


VERY LIMITED amount of readings available!






Please read the rules on this special BEFORE purchasing.



*You will be sent a gift certificate via USPS to use for yourself or wrap up as a gift!


*All sessions will be booked via Barb's online booking system - there may be a little wait, so please be patient!  :)


*When scheduling, please add your GIFT CERTIFICATE NUMBER in the notes section.


*In-person hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 2pm and 4:30pm EST in her Chantilly, VA office. 


*Telephone session hours are Mondays between 4:00 and 6:00 EST.


*There is an additional $25 fee for Saturday appointments which may be brought to the session in cash.


*Purchased sessions may not be combined for a longer session or used towards a group. 


*Limit of 3 per person.  Keep in mind that Barb will read for someone no more than every three months, so please remember this when scheduling out.


*This is for an individual session only - no extra participants permitted.  


*The reading may be used for yourself, or as a gift for someone else.  


*All sessions must be booked within ONE YEAR of purchase (no exceptions).  Please don't wait until your expiration date is near; Barb sometimes books out a month or more.


*18 or over only.


*No refunds (unless Barb isn't able to connect for any reason).  Appointments may be rescheduled or gifted but not canceled for refund.


*All website rules apply.




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