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30 Minute Medium Sessions!


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Mediumship is connecting to your loved ones on the other side. This is where Barb will link with your people in spirit for evidential information from them (so you can identify them) and any messages they may have for you or others here. 



Please read the rules on this special BEFORE purchasing.



*For Barb's newsletter subscribers only.  If you'd like to take advantage of future specials, please sign up via the home page of this website.


*You will be sent a gift certificate via USPS to use for yourself or wrap up as a gift!


*After receiving your gift certificate, you will book via Barb's online booking system - there may be a little wait, so please be patient!  :)


*When scheduling, please add code MONTHLYSPECIAL and your GIFT CERTIFICATE NUMBER in the notes section of the Bookfresh form.  You will find the GC# at the bottom right corner of your gift certificate.


*In-person hours are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 2pm and 4:30pm EST in our Chantilly, VA office. 


*Telephone session hours are Mondays between 4:00 and 6:00 EST.


*There is an additional $25 fee for Saturday appointments which may be brought to the session in cash.


*Purchased sessions may not be combined for a longer session or used towards a group. 


*Limit of 3 per person.  Keep in mind that Barb will read for someone no more than every three months, so please remember this when scheduling out.


*This is for an individual session only - no extra participants permitted. 


*All sessions must be booked within SIX MONTHS of purchase (no exceptions).  Please don't wait until your expiration date is near; Barb sometimes books out a month or more.


*18 or over only.


*No refunds (unless Barb isn't able to connect for any reason).  Appointments may be rescheduled or gifted but not canceled for refund.


*All website rules apply.


Expires 10/31/15



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